But who are we?

And what the hell do we do?

Something about us.

G24 Studio is not a business, nor is a company, G24 Studio is a team. A freelancer team of engineers and CG designers working on what we think is the future (and present) of the audiovisual industry.

We are specialist in 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering, and we have been doing it since early 2000’s, but it was not until 2014 when we decided to fly free and look for our own paths. We have experience in artistic rendering, architectural visualization, modeling on demand, showreels and product design projects, collaborating with clients and companies all around the world. Automotive, aerospace or medical are some of the industries we have worked for. We also work in other fields of graphic design, like branding, sketching, drawing or illustration.

Our skills have their roots in curiosity and perseverance, we don’t give up with any challenge and we don’t stop searching, learning and trying new ways to improve. We look for perfection, because at first it was only a hobby, but today it’s become a way of life.

And we love it.


Meet the Team



Project Manager

Luis Lara Osorio, aka GranDosicua, is Aeronautical Engineer, Automotive Senior Technician and freelance CG designer. Now living in Madrid, he is an aircraft lover, a classic cars fan and 3D enthusiast. He’s been around more than 10 years, and keeps enjoying like the first day.

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Chief Designer

Oriol Folch Garcia, aka madfolchismad is an informatic engineering student and freelance 3D designer. Currently living in Barcelona, he loves to create fictional interpretations of racing cars and imaginary things in general. He’s been doing 3D for 4 years now and willing to learn a lot more.

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