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Hello World!

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Hello everyone and welcome to G24 Studio’s blog! Perhaps some wordpress blog’s holders are thinking: “Hey! You have forgotten to change the name of the default entry!” But the truth is we can’t find a better title to describe the topic we want to speak, because our goal is simply to say “Hello!”

If you have come this far you must be really interested in what we do. As you surely know already, we are two CG Designers who work as freelancers in audiovisual sector, mostly with the 3D stuff related. But it turns out this is not only our work, is our passion, and we spend most of our little leisure time researching and learning new things we can use here later. Because of that we decided to create this little journal, to show the people how we work and share our experience with all those professionals, amateurs or curious interested in 3D world, which can be complex and sometimes (often) a little frustrating.

Many of you might be thinking we are fools for share tips and tricks that someone could use to take away our beloved clients, and maybe you’re right. But our philosophy is to get better every day, and we’re not afraid of the good competition. Today is possible to learn almost everything on Internet, and probably we won’t say anything that hasn’t been told already in Youtube, but there’s always some detail, some problem whose solution is not as easy to find, and is in that little help lost somewhere which saves a work or show you a new secret. This we want to be our little contribution to a world that has given us so much, and if we can help someone, the better!

Here this presentation, thank you so much for read and welcome to G24 Studio!