Humster 3D "Explorer of New Worlds" Competition - 1st Place Award.


Mercedes LMR Concept

Our own rules mixing the best of the past with the best of the future.

Welcome to G24 Studio’s CG Portfolio.

This is our little home, a place where we can show the world what we do, and the place where you can get in touch with us. Diving into the website you will find some pieces of our best works, including 3D art of all kinds, concept art, illustrations, drawings and generic designs; both professional and personal. Take the tour and see image galleries, videos or even a blog where we share our experiences in 3D world; speak about software, “making of”s, techniques, and tips & tricks we’ve learned through the years.

Go ahead and explore the site, we hope you enjoy your visit and find our work as nice as our beloved mothers do.

3D Art

Our specialty. Take a look at the full portfolio and you will see all kinds of 3D works: automotive, aerospace, characters, architecture… from badass supercars to simple stones or abstract art, there is a complete collection of high quality renders made by us. We manage all the process – including modeling, mapping, materials, lightning and rendering – using 3D standard tehcniques as low and high poly modeling, NURBS, hdr lightning or normal mapping, among others.

We work hard to get the best results, come on and check the gallery to see it by yourself!

See our full 3D Art Portfolio

2D art

As design is a passion for us, we couldn’t work only in three dimensions. In our 2D art Portfolio you can see a selection of projects made without Z axis: sketches, drawings, logos, game and web resources, illustrations… Most of them are digital media, but we have not forsaken the old fashion and you’ll find some pencil drawings, portraits and other traditional media stuff. We also make our own textures for 3D projects, and although they aren’t shown here, you can see some in the 3D portfolio.

Don’t miss the 2D gallery to see our concept art, posters and branding works.

See our full 2D Portfolio

Original Design

We don’t always dedicate ourselves to copy or render stuff created before, sometimes we like to design our own concepts and prototypes and not to limit our creativity by something already done. All these concepts don’t exist yet. Maybe some day, but for now they are only a personal vision of some things as we would like them to be. Check’em out!

See our Concept Art Portfolio

Some of our recent projects

Launch - Dragon Ball



Training Day

Scuderia Ferrari LMR1 Concept

Adess-03 LMP3

Adess-03 LMP3



Dental implants

Dental Implants

Astroblank front


Perrinn LMP1 424

Perrinn LMP1 424

FNPT I Flight Simulator

Aquila Adamo Concept

Aquila Adamo Concept

Dodge Viper GT

Select your Car

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Do you like what you see? Great! It’s time to step to the next level. Let’s work together and discover what we can do for you!


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